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1 Straight Bartenders

Bartenders who have their basics right, can pour and serve straight drinks. They can also work a cocktail shaker to concoct basic cocktails. It's all in the wrist!

Rs. 1500 (plus taxes) > House parties.
>Music festivals
2 Stir Bartenders

Bartenders who can juggle those bottles and literally cause a stir (in a good way)! Apart from straight drinks, they can shake, stir, muddle, strain and serve up some seriously snazzy cocktails. Other skills include basic mixology and the ability to man a busy bar at large events.

Rs. 3500 (plus taxes) > House parties.
> Weddings
> Lavish Banquets
> Corporate events
3 Mixologists

A pro bartender who has perfected the art and craft of bartending and even has a signature drink or two up his sleeve! These impassioned drinks chefs can harness the skill of frosting, floating and flaming and come up with gastronomical delights while proudly displaying their flairtending skills.

Rs. 5000 (plus taxes) > House parties.
> Weddings
> Big Fat Indian weddings
> Corporate events
4 Celebrity Bartenders

Bartenders who are celebrities in their own right. These sommeliers have generally won prestigious bartending competitions and have international certifications. They use their finely-honed skills to make stunningly creative cocktails that guarantee classy hangovers.

Rs. 5000 (plus taxes) Anywhere they want too.
They are rockstars!
5 Couple Bartenders ( team of male + Female)

A pair of two mixologists - a male and a female - to cater to a sophisticated gathering. With flawless technical proficiency, they work as a team to provide flawless service.

Rs. 12000+ (plus taxes) > House parties.
> Weddings
> Big Fat Indian weddings
> Corporate events
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