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The Drinq Legacy – From Humble Beginnings to Global Ambitions

In the year 2001, nestled within the confines of Binny’s home, the foundation for what would become a pioneering institution in bartending education was laid. Originally named Flaming Trio Academy, it was born out of Binny’s vision to elevate the standard of bartending across the industry. The early days were marked by passion, a shared vision, and the challenge of bringing a dream to fruition from a modest space in Vile Parle.

However, the path to success is seldom straight. Facing a critical juncture when his partners departed, Binny found resilience and support in his brother-in-law, Gagandeep Singh, whose joining turned the tide for the budding academy. The real transformation came in 2016, when Binny and Gagandeep joined forces with Jitin Merani and Moksh Sani, prominent figures in Mumbai’s liquor business with ownership of 29 wine shops. Their collaboration birthed Drinq Academy, setting a new course with an office in the lavish locale of Bandra, signifying not just a change in name but an evolution in vision and scope.

Since its inception, Drinq Academy has seen more than 8000 students pass through its doors, each embarking on their own unique journeys in the hospitality world. Our alumni’s achievements are a testament to the academy’s impact—spanning roles in esteemed restaurants, bars, 5-star hotels, and cruise lines, to entrepreneurial ventures owning restaurants both in India and overseas.


Drinq Academy’s legacy is one of determination, collaboration, and transformation. From its humble beginnings in a founder’s home to becoming a beacon of excellence in bartending education on the global stage, the academy continues to inspire, empower, and elevate the careers of dedicated and passionate individuals in the hospitality industry.

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