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Meet KiranPanchal:Drinq Academy's Master of Flair

At Drinq Academy, we are honored to have Kiran Panchal, one of India’s premier flair bartenders, leading our flair training program. Kiran brings a blend of passion, precision, and performance to the art of flair bartending, making him an invaluable mentor to our students.

With an illustrious career decorated with notable achievements, Kiran has proven his exceptional talent and dedication to the craft. His journey includes being named the 2nd Runner-up at the Skyy Vodka Flair Challenge (Mumbai Division) in 2011, clinching the title at the Tito’s Goa Flair Challenge in 2017, and securing the Runner-up position at the Bar Kraft Stolichanaya Flair Challenge in 2019. Beyond these commendable accolades, Kiran has been twice awarded as India’s Smoothest Flair Bartender, a testament to his sleek and stylish flair bartending skills.

Kiran’s approach to training goes beyond teaching techniques; he focuses on instilling a deep understanding and love for flair bartending in his students. His mentorship ensures that every graduate is not just proficient in flair but also embodies the creativity, agility, and flair of a true professional.

Join us at Drinq Academy, where under Kiran’s guidance, you’ll embark on a thrilling journey to master the art of flair bartending, setting your stage for a spectacular career.

Introducing BhabujiJinaga:The Maestro of Mixology at Drinq Academy

With a rich tapestry of experience that spans over 17 years in the hospitality industry, Bhabuji Jinaga stands at the helm of Drinq Academy as the Head Bar Trainer. An alumnus of Welingkar College with an MBA in Hotel Management, Bhabuji’s expertise is as extensive as it is profound. His knowledge is backed by prestigious certifications like WSET Level 3 in Wine & Spirits, as well as specialized accreditations in sake and tequila.

Bhabuji’s journey through the hospitality realm has been marked by distinguished tenures at renowned establishments, including the Renaissance Mumbai Convention Center and various fine-dine restaurants like Olive Bar & Kitchen and the acclaimed Soda Bottle Opener Wala. His international experience is highlighted by a five-year adventure with AIDA Cruise Lines and a pivotal role as a Bar Manager in Uganda.

At Drinq Academy, Bhabuji has been shaping the future of mixology for the past seven years, infusing his global insights and seasoned skills into every class he leads. His commitment to excellence makes him not just an instructor but a mentor who polishes the art and craft of every aspiring bartender who walks through our doors.

Under Bhabuji’s guidance, Drinq Academy’s students transform into confident, world-class professionals ready to stir the hospitality industry with innovation and elegance.

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