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Profile of a Drinq-tender

Graduates of Drinq Academy stand at the forefront of the bartending world, distinguished not only by their technical prowess but also by their professional demeanor and creativity. Here’s what sets them apart:
Cocktail Mastery:
With an expansive repertoire that includes classic and innovative cocktails, these bartenders excel in the art of mixology, blending flavors and presentations to perfection.
Spirits and Liqueurs Knowledge:
Their comprehensive understanding of spirits and liqueurs enables them to curate experiences that cater to diverse tastes and occasions.
Flair Bartending Excellence:
Trained by award-winning experts, they captivate audiences with both work and exhibition flair, adding an element of spectacle to the bar experience.
Professional Acumen:
Beyond mixing drinks, they are adept in customer service, bar management, and maintaining a dynamic yet orderly bar environment. Prepared for pressure, they handle peak hours with efficiency and grace.
Confidence and Charisma:
These bartenders are not just service providers but storytellers and entertainers, creating memorable experiences for every guest with their confident and engaging manner.
Adaptability and Innovation:
Responsive to the ever-evolving trends in mixology and customer preferences, they are creative problem-solvers, always ready to innovate and elevate the drinking experience.
Career Readiness:
Armed with the skills and knowledge highly valued by luxury hotels and cruise lines, they are poised for success in the global hospitality industry.

A bartender from Drinq Academy embodies the perfect mix of skill, knowledge, and personality, ready to lead and inspire in the world of bartending and hospitality.

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